Vandalized and Missing Signs in Vancouver-Kingsway

October 20, 2019


Vancouver, British Columbia– Helen Quan, Conservative candidate in Vancouver-Kingsway, has lost over 50% of her election signs due to theft, deliberate misplacement, and vandalism since the election began this September.

Signs began disappearing almost immediately after they were placed. Quan is running against Don Davies of the NDP and Tamara Taggart of the Liberals. Quan’s campaign team committed to running a clean campaign, and have spent numerous hours replacing signs in the neighbourhoods. But Helen Quan has noticed that signs from her opponents remain largely intact.

“We live in a mature democracy,” says Quan, a single mother of two, a volunteer, small businesswoman and currently Conservative candidate for Vancouver-Kingsway,“I pledged to my team and to my supporters to run a clean campaign that reflects who the people of Vancouver-Kingsway truly are– a bright and diverse community. This election is about them, and not about me.Helping them get ahead is what I am running for as a candidate.

“It is disheartening and worrisome that some people think it is a good idea to commit a criminal offence against their own community, or deliberately moving signs onto city property, in hopes that it might help their preferred candidate. Instead, wouldn’t it be better to vote at the ballot boxes?”

Quan continues, “I call upon my fellow candidates to speak out against this type of behaviour that has no place in our riding and in our electoral process.”

Theft or the defacing of election signs is a federal offence, and all incidents have been reported to Elections Canada. Some of the acts have been documented on photo and video.

Photo evidence of these activities can be found here.

Video evidence is being requested and will be available in the coming days.

Quan says if anyone witnesses a sign from her campaign being damaged, vandalized, or stolen, they are encouraged to contact her campaign office at 778-951-9123 or by email at



Ronald Leung or Michael Ip

Phone: 778-951-9123