Why would a single mum of two would run for office, you may ask?

October 02, 2019

The last four years have been anything but anymore affordable for us Canadians, and seeing many families like mine in Vancouver-Kingsway struggle to get ahead, it’s motivated me to run for office and make a difference.

As someone who volunteers and runs a small business, I have seen first hand - paycheque to paycheque - and hearing from so many at the doorsteps, about how much less money is left in our pockets at the end of the month. Many small businesses are struggling. For single parents like me, it’s an even greater challenge.


We are an already vibrant, local, and multicultural community that can be so much more, while taking our climate action global through homegrown green tech. We all want to see our families and friends not only get by, but thrive and be able to have good jobs and help their bottom lines. Our Universal Income Tax Cut, Green Public Transit Credit, increases to RESPs and new tax-free Maternity Benefits are amongst several key Conservative proposals that help all of us in Vancouver-Kingsway get ahead.

That’s why I want to help you.

I will work hard for you by supporting a Conservative government that is:

1. Committed to maintaining and increasing the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer.

2. Working with communities to knock down regulatory barriers so more homes can be built and come on the market at lower prices.

3. Fixing the mortgage stress test to ensure that first-time homebuyers aren’t unnecessarily prevented from accessing mortgages.

4. Supporting small businesses by cutting taxes and red tape while champion Canada’s small businesses to the world.

So this election is about you. I look forward to listening to you at the doorsteps, and I hope to have your trust and support on October 21st, so we can all finally get ahead, together.